All units that are sold, repaired, or donated though Charitable Computing have undergone hours of intense testing and benchmarking. We have special tools and programs that we employ on all of our systems to ensure you are receiving the best possible quality computer, at the lowest price.

One of our major tools that we use is our Open Air Bench. This allows us to test the internal components of your system in a controlled environment, outside of the case. We check for voltage issues, overheating, bent pins, bad capacitors, and anything else that could possibly be wrong with it at this time.

After that, we subject all systems to a memory diagnostic called MemTest86. This checks the efficiency of the RAM modules outside of the Operating System, and can help identify any hardware issues associated with the RAM or CPU.

Finally, once we install the Operating System, we put it under three more separate Stress Tests. The first two, Prime 95 and Aida 64, stress the CPU and RAM inside of the Operating System, and confirm that all the temperatures and voltages are in range. The last, Cinebench, stresses the GPU and tests for video performance.

Only after all of these test have been conducted do we allow our systems to leave the shop. This is how we can afford to offer such a long warranty. We here at Charitable Computing want to ensure we are providing our clients with the highest quality systems that will last them for years to come.


Charitable Computing is a Not-For-Profit Organization located in Largo Florida. Our mission is to help people achieve a new level of life that would otherwise be beyond their reach. Whether it be through low income, disability, age, or poor choices in their past. We help those who want to help themselves and deserve a second chance to live the life that they were meant to live.

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