Paul M. Bellware

Chief Development Officer

I was raised by two wonderful parents who instilled in me early the values of hard work, education and family. School work came naturally to me and I excelled at it, winning awards for my aptitude in numerous subjects. As I grew older and advanced in my education, I allowed certain social pressures to get the better of me. I strayed off the path to success that I seemed so destined to reach from such a young age. I graduated high school, attended college at the University of Connecticut, and entered the work force. I fell in love immediately with the restaurant business. I loved the experience that I could provide for others, and how a simple meal could make someone's night, week or month.

I moved around a little bit and settled in Massachusetts working at a beautiful restaurant. I met a new crowd of people, and made lifelong friends. I believed that this would be where I was to settle for the rest of my life. I moved in with a couple friends, one of which had went to school to be an I.T. Technician. His story and work fascinated me. I took apart computers, broke them and put them back together, better than they were before. The bug had taken hold of me! Unfortunately before I could make a career change we all moved on and went amicably our separate ways.

In 2007 I moved down to Florida not knowing what to expect. I fell back into the restaurant business. My very first day of training, the girl who trained me was beautiful. I fell in love with her the moment I set eyes on her. Well I ended up marrying that girl! Needless to say she's still training me today, eight years and 2 and a half kids later! To earn extra money on the side I've continued to take on computer repairs and builds, doing hundreds over the years. I've decided that now is the time. I want more for my growing family. I want to be there on holidays with them. I want to give back and to hold strong to those values that my parents instilled in me over the years. I'm a strong example for my children and this organization defines that for me.

Through on the job training, Compt TIA A+ certification training, and Microsoft MCSA cerification training, I have acquired the necessary skills to service all of your computer needs, and confidently train a staff of individuals to do the same.


Charitable Computing is a Not-For-Profit Organization located in Largo Florida. Our mission is to help people achieve a new level of life that would otherwise be beyond their reach. Whether it be through low income, disability, age, or poor choices in their past. We help those who want to help themselves and deserve a second chance to live the life that they were meant to live.

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