Michael J. Hopkins

Founder and CEO

Growing up I was always looked at differently. It was recognized early on that my intelligence was at a higher level than my peers, and I was placed into gifted classes during most of my childhood. Unfortunately, I did not follow that path. For many years, I went down a dark and troublesome path, combating drugs and alcohol. I barely finished High School, and then went to school for Automotive Technology, where I specialized in Electrical work and Computer Diagnostics. I had three children, and went about my life just as anybody else would, or so I thought.

My mother never gave up hope, and finally I started to show some interest in education. I returned to school and originally wanted to become a History teacher. After a few semesters, I was approached by the National Science Foundation for a full scholarship if I was to take up Mathematics and Statistics instead. I agreed, and would go on to win the Shrider Award for excellence in Mathematics, the Gilbert Award for Tutor of the Year 2007, and the Provost Special Recognition Award. I also graduated from St. Petersburg College Summa Cum Laude in 2007

I continued on at the University of South Florida, but as I progressed, other factors in my life started holding me back. My wife asked for a divorce, and one of my children fell ill. I recieved my BA in Statistics, but then found out that my degree was worthless, mostly due to my youthful indiscretions, and could not find a job in my field.

After some time I decided that if I wanted to do the best by my family, I would have to focus on them. I cleaned up my act, went back to working in restaurants, and started focusing on my children. On the side I worked on computers, and eventually took a second job at a computer store. It was there I saw how bad people were getting taken advantage of, and also how much computers were needed by people for everyday things such as education and employment. So, I started to repair computers for people, take the money I made from that, and use it to make computers for people that could not afford them.

I believe in second chances. People have the right to live the lives they were meant to, if they are willing to try. Today I am a single father of three daughters, one of whom is disabled, I serve as a role model for others, and try to give back to the community in any way I can.


Charitable Computing is a Not-For-Profit Organization located in Largo Florida. Our mission is to help people achieve a new level of life that would otherwise be beyond their reach. Whether it be through low income, disability, age, or poor choices in their past. We help those who want to help themselves and deserve a second chance to live the life that they were meant to live.

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