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Why Charitable Computing?

Charitable Computing understands that your business and revenue stream is dependent on the proper operation of your computer systems.

But, you may ask yourself, “why would I choose a not-for-profit organization for our IT support rather than a for-profit business?” The answer is that it benefits us from doing stuff right the first time. Unlike other IT companies, we don’t charge per hour for our services, we charge by the job. We do not profit from repeated repairs. All work is warrantied and all parts undergo extensive testing before being brought into your workplace. So, while offer very competitive pricing, our service exceeds that of many of the other companies out there.

Save time and money for your business

Most companies that we provide services for see an immediate return on investment. Consider this, if one of your computer workstations goes down, how much revenue do you lose? What about the money that you are overspending on services that are unnecessary for your business to run smoothly? Many times, even just the reduction of time your employees save and paper cost to run your daily business can quickly add up to the cost of our services.

Give back to the local community

Finally, you are giving back to the community that is your client base. In fact, your support may even help create new customers for you and your products or services. As a not-for-profit, we don’t charge fees, but work off of donations. These donations go straight back into rebuilding the computers we give away. They also help us with training materials, and holding classes on proper computer usage. These people, who may be down on their luck right now, may also be your client base in the future, if given the proper opportunity. All services are tax-deductible.

We here at Charitable Computing want to see you and your business succeed!


Charitable Computing is a Not-For-Profit Organization located in Largo Florida. Our mission is to help people achieve a new level of life that would otherwise be beyond their reach. Whether it be through low income, disability, age, or poor choices in their past. We help those who want to help themselves and deserve a second chance to live the life that they were meant to live.

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