Shirley V. Hopkins

Shirley Hopkins

Our Inspiration

  • Joined the Convent at 18, and taught English for over 20 years.
  • Left to attend to her parents in their final days.
  • Graduated Valedictorian of NYC Technical College 1988.
  • Worked in Mental Health for over 20 years.

Michael J. Hopkins

Michael Hopkins


  • Trained Automotive Technician specializing in Electrical and Computer Diagnostics.
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude from St. Petersburg Honors College with an AA in Mathematics 2007.
  • Graduated From University of South Florida with a BA in Statistics 2010.
  • National Science Foundation STEM Grant recipient for Computational Statistics 2005.
  • Received the Shrider Award for Excellence in Mathematics 2007.
  • Received the Gilbert Award for Tutor of the Year 2007.
  • Received the Provost Special Recognition Award 2007.
  • Self taught computer hardware and software technician.

Paul M. Bellware

Paul Bellware

Chief Development Officer

  • TIA A+ Training.
  • MS MCSA Certification Training.
  • 10+ years on the job training and experience.
  • Devoted Husband and proud father of soon to be 3 beautiful children.

Emiley J. Neale

Emiley J. Neale

Director of Public Relations

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, Minor in Art History, from the University of Miami
  • Worked at the Orlando Museum of Art, for the Council of 101 which is a not-for-profit orginization
  • Implemented the Child Care Food Program in family business and served as Manager of Food Program.
  • Looking to give back to the community and make a difference in peoples' lives.

Chloe T. Hopkins

Chloe T. Hopkins


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Charitable Computing is a Not-For-Profit Organization located in Largo Florida. Our mission is to help people achieve a new level of life that would otherwise be beyond their reach. Whether it be through low income, disability, age, or poor choices in their past. We help those who want to help themselves and deserve a second chance to live the life that they were meant to live.

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